What is coursework in phd

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As the overall picture comes through, the search for information can be narrowed down. If deadlines are tight, do not spend too much time studying the materials found. 
Write the theoretical part of the course. From the collected array of information you need to select the document where the desired topic is most fully disclosed, and take it as a basis. At this stage, imagine yourself as a newspaper layout designer: leave the outline of the key text, remove all unnecessary and dilute with information from other sources, not forgetting the footnotes after each of them. In the end, get the first chapter of your coursework. Work on the practical part. This stage takes the most time. Humanities will help the plates with analysis and comparison. The teacher will immediately see that there was an individual study. Techies will have more difficult. It is unlikely that there is enough time for a hand-made drawing, so we are looking for a satisfactory version on the web and somewhat supplement or rework it. In preparing the practical part, in any case, it is worth considering introductory proposals and basic theses, and also clearly arrange all with plates, drawings and diagrams. 

Write an introduction and conclusion. Ideally, with the introduction you need to start everything, but under the conditions of time trouble you will have to describe not what you would like to receive at the beginning of the study, but what happened. In these sections, it is necessary to carefully consider the text and structure, as the teacher will read them first of all, and the main text can already be seen very fluently. In the introduction, pay attention to the key components: the purpose and objectives of the course, the subject of research, the relevance of the topic, a brief review of the used literature. To facilitate the teacher’s task, it is necessary to concisely and succinctly formulate these details or highlight in the text points or indents. In the conclusion we prescribe the main results and conclusions of the work, in the amount of not less than three sentences.

Make a list of references. In alphabetical order should write out all the sources mentioned in the text course. Even if you have not touched any of the textbooks to which you refer, you can quickly prepare a bibliography. By entering the desired topic in the search engine or individual authors, you will get a lot of bookstores, where you can get the source data. Issue a document. There are specific requirements for coursework formatting that must be strictly followed. Often the rule is indicated in the methodological recommendations, but it is possible to use the generally accepted ones. Page parameters are as follows: font Times New Roman with 12 or 14 pins, line spacing one-and-a-half, alignment in width, upper and lower margins 2 cm each, right 1 cm, left 3 cm, indent “red line” 1.25 cm