How to complete coursework quickly

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Some argue that in order to do the work as quickly and efficiently as possible, its implementation should be entrusted to the responsible idler (this is not an oxymoron, by the way). There is some truth in this statement, because only a responsible person can do the work so that it does not have to be redone later, and only a slacker can do the work so quickly that the rest of him is jealous. Practice shows that, provided that you are fully aware of what you are doing and that you have a quality plan, you can write a thesis from a complete zero to the final result in two weeks (at least one of the authors did just that). Now that the emotional mood has been created, the diary entry has been made, and even a plan is present, where all the forthcoming actions are sequentially listed, the time has come for the action.

Purchase of consumables Consumables, as much in these words for the heart of the researcher merged! Perhaps, to some of the respected readers, the purchase of any kind of materials at the initial stage will seem at least silly (after all, a study has not yet been carried out, but already to buy something), however, no hasty conclusions should be made. Here are some systematically repeated situations: 20 minutes before the institute closes, an agitated student runs in, holds a diskette in shaking hands and tearfully asks for the kindness of his soul to print him 90 sheets of paper on economics on our paper. This must be done immediately, because, due to a million extremely valid reasons, four months of study in the semester were too few for this, and all the shops where you could buy paper were closed at 22:00! With an important view at 8:00 a fifth-year student enters with a pile of paper folded according to a principle unknown to science and reports that this pile is his thesis. And if we don’t help it to be folded over the pages and fastened with the help of any typographical devices, we will all be bad people, and because of us we will have to defend not today, but on another day, month or year. With the guilty look of an exhausted young scientist, a student at the last appointed time brings the teacher a diskette on which his abstract, which urgently needs to be handed over.

He says that he could not print it and brought it like this, in electronic form. The teacher with a sigh pulls out her favorite laptop and it turns out that there is no special drive in this laptop A person arrives by train to a remote location, where his diploma work is to be defended, gets a disk on which everything is most valuable (or rather, invaluable asks to take all of this from the disk and use it for its intended purpose, adding if you fail to take it, it will end. Naturally, it comes to an end, because the disk is scratched, electricity is turned off, flashes appear on the Sun, affecting the ability of electronic equipment, etc. You can laugh at it, ironically, you can not, but such problems arise so systematically that, perhaps, we must take them for granted. That is why the purchase of consumables is taken by us to a separate point, which is best done at the very beginning of our research path, while the head is still not busy with anything else.